Tips For Renting a Bounce House

Renting a Bounce HouseRenting a bounce house for your backyard barbecues, birthday parties and family get-togethers can be A LOT OF FUN! However, if you’re not careful when picking out a bounce house, the party can go sour real fast. Here’s a scary example of what could go wrong when using an inferior bounce house. If you aren’t careful, they could break down or even blow away right in the middle of your party.

When renting a bounce house, here are a few tips to make sure your experience is both enjoyable and safe.

Commercial Grade Bounce Houses for Durability

You can find bounce houses at department stores like Walmart and Target, as well as other party-related stores, but chances are those products aren’t made of commercial grade material. Instead they might be made of cheap plastic. The bounce houses at KD’z Kidz World (as well as the bounce houses we have available for rent) are all commercial grade and top quality.

Heavier Bounce Houses for More Stability

Some of the cheaper bounce houses you can buy or rent have a structural weight of only 30-40 pounds. They are so light that a strong gust of wind might knock them over, or worse, blow them up into the air! We only use the strongest bounce houses at our facility and for rent, weighing nearly 300 pounds. Make sure you get a heavier bounce house for more stability.

Better Stakes to Root the Bounce House

Bounce houses typically come with a set of stakes that root into the ground to keep them from moving or blowing away. A low quality bounce house will have plastic stakes that are cheaply made and only 4 to 5 inches long, which means they could easily break or come out of the ground during use. Our rentals use 18 inch metal stakes to make sure your bounce house stays put through the entire party.

Experts to Setup and Take Down the Bounce House

Sure, you can set up your own bounce house by following the instructions included – but wouldn’t you rather let an expert do it for you? Renting a bounce house from KD’z Kidz World includes delivery, set-up, tear down and pick up. You don’t have to worry about anything and you know our experts will do it right. This means less stress for you, and a safer experience for the kids.

Follow these tips when renting a bounce house to make sure you have a safe and fun party. If you have any questions about bounce houses, feel free to contact us here. Happy bouncing!

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